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Friday 20 June 2003

True Vector Engine Error [floyd]

My pc hasn't been right for some time now. I thought I had sorted the original issue or restarts by formatting and reinstalling windows only to find I had another problem in the usb speed touch modem and its dislike for my pc. So from the beginning.
After coming home from a lan party my pc started to randomly reboot itself. No warning or particular sequence of events led to this, purely random. Looking in the windows Event Viewer lead me to an error occurring with the True Vector Engine (3 separate logs seconds after each other) seconds before the restart. A clannie pointed me towards Zone Alarm, which I had been running for years with out a problem as the mother of true vector related process's.
I uninstalled ZA but the prob still persisted and after a mate remotely took over my pc, got rid of Kazaa (also having documented issues in this area) and various other troublesome apps I thought I was on the road to no random restart heaven. Not to be.
Reformatted drive and installed windows again. Up and running for weeks with out any random restarts, then this morning whilst checking mails before heading to work it fecking restarted. Now, I installed Zone Alarm Pro a night or so before and looking in Event Viewer it said there was a True Vector Error moments before the restart. ZA is now uninstalled and tonight when I get in I am going to go through everything and make sure that I have removed all fragments of ZA.
This error about True Vector Engine is well documented on several forums (google search will turn up a few busy ones) but one conclusion I came to before reading the forums and having my suspicions confirmed was that the Vector error could just be happening cause the pc is shutting down due to something else and the vector error is there because the file was opening and running when the pc shut down.
Another issue is that I'm running an app along side zone alarm which is causing the problem. This seems more likely than anything else, as I said before ZA had never been a problem for years!
Whats made this even more of a pain was that my old adsl modem was causing lock ups/restarts which I have now sorted with a router, but made pin pointing causes a right nightmare.
My next move is going into the recovery screen in the start up and disabling auto restart on errors and also changing the power management settings. Apparently when in Power saving mode and your pc goes to sleep something takes a snap shot of something and holds until you wake up the pc at which point that something floods all the info back to memory and Zone Alarm doesn't like this! Something to do with Trojan alerting *shrug* and causes an error. Either way its another avenue to explore.
I'm not to fussed at present about the restarts as I have now got a new bigger drive that I am disconnecting until this issues solved (my old mp3/stuff drive got seriously corrupted beyond repair from all the restarts and shutdowns) and theres only progs and stuff running on the OS drive so if need be it'll be another format.
Waste any fragments of Zone Alarm left on my pc, Kill the auto restart on errors, Sort out the power management, Start looking for new pc once I've killed this one doing all the above :o)
I'm still thinking that another app is causing the restarts. ZA has been great for so long and it's not exactly a beta or widely known dodgy program. The only new prog I use regularly these days is Bittorrent I think... hmmm Ohh yeah and the reason I'm here... anyone got any ideas???

1 comment:

  1. I had random restarts for ages. Happened most when I used bit torrent and DC. Turned out its the Usb speedtouch's drivers. Updated them and had no problems.
    Do you still use the blue manta?