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Monday 19 May 2003

70s fit chicks (owning Dave) [lurks]

Dr_Dave sucks, we all know that. However his latest herecy is that there were no attractive women in the 70s. After we cleaned the coffee, chips and snot off our keyboards, we proceeded to set the poor misguided fool straight. The following is an IRC extract of the ownerage.

70s sucked cock though
Hey, come on the 70s women knew their place
Gallery De Minger, thats their place
lava lamps, peace and love
the 70s was top stuff
if you take your average 20 year old 70s lass and took her to the 90s or the 00s she'd be 2.65 x fitter... thats scientific fact chum!
besides, we were born in the 70s, ergo they must have ruled
oh come on, I've seen the movies of the 70s. there were no wuffas in the 70s, that was a mid 80s phenomenon
even the goddesses were wuffas in the 70s
you could pinch a 70's womans arse and not get sued and imprisioned and put on the sex offenders register
the irony is, when you could fuck sans conversation in the 70s, all the lasses looked pig ugly so you
the exception to my rule is of course TV's Linda Carter - aka The Wonderwoman
who was 70s, and fucking FIT!
Dave, you're fucked up.
and charlies angels
and wonder woman
and the bionic woman
and barbarella
and goldie hawn
the blond on robins nest
oh robin's nest, phwoar!
she was fit in the 70's
nerys hughes?
you don't get any hornier than fucking abba
felicity kendal though, did you have the horn for her even though you were a nipper? I fucking did
legs n co
pans people
Oh and Blondie
my god
i suppose even Pauline from eastenders was fit in Are You Being Served...
dave, you're a fucking queer
Blondie was responsible for my first erection, I'm sure of it
princess lea
olivia newton john!
princess leia
yeah, granted
oh shit
daves fucking well owned here
that bird from Logan's Run
remember that?
Oh god she was hot
in fact, the entire cast of grease including the blokes
yeah, fucking fair cop lads
always willing to admit when I'm well beaten
and that was the first movie I saw where a woman took her clothes off
Logans Run!
Jenny Aguta!
the toga episodes of Star Trek
eh eh?
sooooooo fit!
fucking thousands of episodes of star trek had fit birds
and fit aliens as well
phwoar eh
dave's a fucking homo
he's fucking bent
okay, there was fit birds in the 70s... but my point is that the 70s didnt do them any favours
felicity kendal and blondie alone, quite frankly, justifies the decade
the blond bird in blakes 7, cali?
here we go
the fucking pooner
and the doctors assistant
wooo, fuck yes
the jugle bird in Dr who
the doctor's assistant that wore the cave girl clothes
my god
how fit was she?!
yeah :)
fuck yes
Dave is just so owned!

The prosecution rests.


  1. Yeah, well you can't argue with facts as convincingly presented as those. But I still maintain that recent advances in Babe Technology has done wonders for your high profile, media fox, and if one of the cavalcade of beauties mentioned above was magicked forward in time to the 90s or 00s, they'd look significantly better - futuristic cosmetics see!

  2. Dave doesn't let up. Apparently now he says that Marilyn Munroe is more fit than all of the list we've posted here. This guy needs to declare his homosexuality and get it out in the open once and for all!

  3. DAISY DUKE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Barbara Bach and Charlotte Rampling man....

  5. We'll you're just scratching the tip of the iceberg with the 70s bond girls :)

  6. Dasiey Fucking Duke though.....slumph...those ickle biddy denim shorts shorts!!!!!!!!!!There is a god, Daisey be thy name!!

  7. Wow! And all that time I was beating the meat over the girl next doors mum! I knew I should have watched more TV!

  8. No ones mentioned Rhoda, or Angie Dickinson from Police Woman. Or Tegan, oh hang on wasn't she in the 80's?

  9. Definitely the blonde from Abba - the ultimate 1970s 'goddess' of pop!