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Thursday 22 May 2003

Imposter! [spiny]

Who's this then?
# EEDer aliasing to cover their lack of skillz? # Imposter trashing our rep? # Impossibly lovestruck fanboy? # All of the above?
Answers on an anteater^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^Hpostcard.


  1. Eh? Have you gone a bit strange? Wot's all this ^H^H^H^H^H stuff?

  2. URL: NHS EED.URL: Alaska department of EED.URL: (wtf?!).^H is probably the oldest geek-gag I can think of. In the very early days of computer comms, you typed messages through terminal emulators essentially, on BBSes and stuff. ^H is delete. So you print it out in a stream of escaped characters, what you see is people's editing. It's kind of stuck as a gag to mean something you typed and were meant to delete.

  3. Ah delete. I see. 'Delete' also as in 'Floyd deleted spiny's head realgood with one mighty blow of his pooning stick which was still stickywith the rasberry neuron-jam of the insane url link-er formally known asThe Lurker'....

  4. You, sir, are what is technically refered to as a shit stirer :)

  5. Yeah, ^H, modern types do it with HTML & strikethrough, but I couldn't remember the tag. Probably too much scrumpy cider or something.
    Bet you don't remember punched cards either :)

  6. You suck You're ace!