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Tuesday 20 May 2003

Gettin organised [am]

Recently I got an Ipaq 1910 which, for me, was the perfect trade off between size and functionality. The thing had to be shirt pocket size for me to use it and this ruled out some of its more powerful brethren. Also, frankly, I was unlikely to use the extra horsepower. Purchase was in Dixons which *before* you think I lost my mind, was sustainable due to their price being leetly cross-referenced in real-time with a phonecall to the the Lurker who whipped me up a couple of comparisons from online venders and enabled me to yay or nay the purchase there and then.
Think that's really impressed me on this is the installation of Recognizer on the pda. For those unaware, Recognizer is a MS program that seeks to decipher normal writing. Gone are the days of ye olde palm single entry hyroglyphics. What's amazing is that cursive script in my spidery hand is still recognised by this thing with really good accuracy and tbh I write like a dog. Tap a field, scrawl all over the screen and then get that slightly unreal feeling when it transfers into neat text. Leet!
Now I know I haven't really explored the potential of my machine and despite a few convos with Dr Dave and the Kaveman, I think it's worth a blog. So shoot pda-pro's. What do I need in the endless pursuits of more toys(TM)?


  1. I think you probably mean transcriber Am. Unless they've released a new version that I've not heard about. It is pretty good, but I found myself frustrated when it would fail to recognise a word. It seemed to be a negative feedback loop, in that the more you tried, the harder it became (if only everything in life was like that, eh boys?). So I use the block recogniser now, which I find as easy as the old Palm graffiti.
    As for other stuff, by far the best thing you can do with it is to get some kind of Bluetooth/GPRS capability going on your. I realise this will probably require the purchase of a BT card though, but its worth it.
    Imagine the scenario you described... you're standing in Dixons contemplating buying a new Mark 5 Electro-framistat. You need a price comparison first from dear old Lurks though. But unfortunately, our antipodean chum isn't available this time (he's out chucking shrimps on barbies or calling random passers-by fucktards).
    So what do you do? Well, your leet road warrior with BT/GPRS would whip out their Ipaq, phone in pocket, and log onto the net with Inst-a-Connect (tm), get on and get a ruling there and then. Job done.
    Of course it doesn't stop there. Check your email in fair off places - the North, or the Isle of Mann - where networking, or indeed electricity, isn't a huge priority. Chat to your clannies from the top of the London eye. Or view porn in the spare room at your Granny's house. All this, and more, could be yours!

  2. Transcriber yeah bleh. Well it has infrared which is obviously a bitmore limiting but at the end of the day is fine. Now I just needsomeone to tell me how to configure my t68i with the ipaq. The web isnot being very forthcoming....

  3. Isle of Man, or Mannin. It's confusing I know, but we're all celtic and mystical over here.
    Quite fancy one of these things to help me through my exams, have you found a pdf viewier for one?Gah. you Can't even add a bluetooth card to the fucker! Fuck that!