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Tuesday 27 May 2003

Working around BY's lame proxies [lurks]

My web access through Blueyonder has never been brilliant. This is largely the result of the transparent cache being remarkably shit. The other day I wrote a letter to the MD of Blueyonder's consumer division complaining about the lack of additional upstream in the 2Mb and also the pathetic situation with the transparent caches. IE what's the point of having 2Mb when your web snails along at ISDN speeds.
Bizarrely, this web site claims that Blueyonder is no longer enforcing transparent caches but it sure looks like it to me. So I turned to the same bit of software I used at work (on a BY workwise connections, business connection with enforced transparent proxy!), this Multiproxy thing. Then I just banged in the BY proxies on the first link. It will distribute webcache load among the proxies, alleviating latency issues and also picking the fastest current responding proxy.
I've had no problems at home yet but at work I found some sites don't like you going through different proxies for the same site. There's an option to do change that in the preferences though. Might be worth a try for other folks on BY connections.
At the moment, with the dramatic price drop in ADSL, I'd prefer to move to one of the 2Mb DSL connections with a reputable ISP than just bump my BY account to 2Mb.


  1. Interest thing here. I tested yesterday and I got a cache response in a web log indicating a transparent cache. Someone insisted to me that BY have binned the transparent cache. I tried it again and got my IP address! Not entirely sure what's going on but at the moment it looks like there's no transparent cache.In that case £50 for a 2Mb/256k is pretty darn competitive with DSL given that cable has (in my experience) provided superior up-time and lower latency with no bandwidth limitations to boot.I just wish the bastards would have bumped the upstream, if not to 512 then at least to 384!Update: I am weak. Despite the fact I had to call their numbers and chase my tail for half an hour to find out my username and then reset my password... I did it. I logged into Selfcare just to see the 2Mb upgrade button. Just so I could see it you understand. Somehow, the neighbors cat lept onto my desk and clicked the mouse button honest...Heh, it gets better. The upgrade basically knackered my connection completely. Phoned up to bleat about it after hopping around a bewildering array of phone numbers and voice mail hell again... guy fixed it on the spot, account was inactivated for no apparent reason. I go off to see the Matrix 2 and come back and ... I appear to be on 512k! So I bleated at them on their support newsgroup and they fixed it. I've got 3 bittorrent's open with total leeching consistently over 200K/s and occasionally peaking at 250K/s. Life is good. :)

  2. 2mb? In your house? You fucking dirty cunt!

  3. Heh, what a time warp. You said exactly the same thing when I got 2MB DSL back way back :)

  4. Yes, and you're still a dirty cunt. Then again, my hard disk space can't keep up with my 512, so I'm not too sick :)

  5. Since some retard resurrected this blog to add something stupid (since deleted), it's still interesting to see this two year-old blog. There I was bragging about 2Mb and today it's 4000/384. Not only that, I got a letter at home telling me UKonline is now available to me, offering 8Mb/400k for £39.99 - a tenner cheaper than I'm paying Blueyonder. Pretty amazing stuff although I'll stick with BY since it's reliable and plenty fast enough.