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Wednesday, 14 May 2003

Need memory? [lurks]

Planetside, what an ace game eh? Thing is, you need 512MB of memory to run it at all and by golly if you don't need more just to stop it from swapping like a bastard on alt-tabs and zones. What you need is more memory. So here's a blog for cheap memory options which folks can add to.

I tend not to muck about and go straight for Crucial. Thing is, they've got free delivery going at the moment and that's Royal Mail Special Delivery too. That already made it cheaper than some other places all in but I also found this code on Usenet. Whack BBUKWEBPROMO in as a Coupon code and get another 5% off. That means you get a 512MB stick of DDR2700 CAS2 for £52.45 all in with delivery. Can't say fairer.


  1. Thats pretty sweet. Couldve done with it the other day. Just bought 2 x 256 ddr pc2700 from Scan on the today only for 48 quid. :o/

  2. Ahh Scan special stuff, you'll be lucky if it works at all mate :)

  3. Well so far so good. I really only bought it cause 1. It was cheap 2. I thought maybe my Ram had fucked up and maybe had summit to do with my restarts. In the end i reformatted and did a fresh install, which was harder than normal. Maybe i should blog about it :o)

  4. Or you could have done the 'repair install' I told you to but there you go :)

  5. Well I tried the repair first off as I didnt want to reformat but that jsut killed all sorts of things and no matter how many times i tried it would not allow me to reinstall the adsl drivers that it had removed during the repair. Then eventually it told me that \windows\system32\confg\system was either corrupt or missing so I had to go for a fresh install. I appreciated the help and random access leetness though mate, just encountered more probs than i expected.

  6. God damn Am that was fucking predictable!!!!!!!!Simple fact is when i came back and set up at home it had this restart problem, repair caused a file corruption therefore the intial problem must have caused more grief than just restarting.SO SHUT IT!!!:O)

  7. Uh-huh. Yuh I see. Yup. Gotcha. Catch your drift. Yep.
    Geeeettttttttttttt sommmmmmme skiilllllllllllllllllllzzzz :-D

  8. Fooking really loik!