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Wednesday 7 May 2003

The camera never lies [lurks]

One particular day, Am, Brit, myself and Kavey went down to some pub on TCR in London for a few beers and a few games of pool. I had more or less forgotten about this but you see I just plugged in my little micro camera into the PC and ripped some pictures down. Good lord. This is the little camera I mentioned some time back in blog 291.


  1. Anyhow, it's easier for me to annotate as comments. Firstly, we started off playing pool.PIC: Kavey.PIC: Am.PIC: Brit.Unfortunately at some point we decided to start drinking lots of these weird Sambucca things, typically two each in rapid succession. Then we also decided to skull beers as well.The digital record from there gets a bit hazy but clearly we stopped by Trafalgar square. PIC: Brit on a lion thing.Then I vaugely recall heading to some posh restaurant where upon Am and I brawled for a bit of steak because for some reason I ordered some vegetarian shite.Sadly there are no picture records that can be made out (there's a lot of blurred pictures of nothing :)So did we decide to behave after that point?Well, the evidence would suggest not. Because the last pictures tell a sorry tale my friends.They tell a story of Amnesia and Brit brawling in the middle of Leicester Square surrounded by baffled tourists.PIC: Brawl 1.PIC: Brawl 2.I'm not entirely sure what it was about but it appears that at the end of it, Gareth decided to go down on Brit.PIC: The Evidence.The moral of the story is this, if you're going to get wankered with digital cameras around, make sure it's you with the camera. :)

  2. That last pic looks like you met Rik Astley..'Never gonna give you up...'

  3. He certainly appears pleased by Brit's acquiescence :)


  4. I'm pretty sure the logic was like this: There's loads of pigeons here which are an enormous health hazard. Brit is so tall he's going to get one flying into his head any second at full tip. Therefore Achtung Pigeon! And I wrestled (well very gently rugby tackled) my compatriot to the ground out of harm's way. He makes a sight not unlike a toppling redwood by the way