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Wednesday 14 May 2003

Searching locally [am]

I have an unfeasibly leet merchandise idea which El Redwood the Britster is helping me source. It's EED bowling shirts! Imagine that - satin electric death blue and gold with a big old stitched Lotta graphic on the back. Should be ultra elite.
However, when I was searching for this at home, google was turning up really naff all options. Now when I searched this at lunch at work, I suddenly get a wealth of great links. Eh?
I remember reading a comment on slashdot that if you want true international google you need to use /intl or something similar. Is this an example of google trying to get smart with my IP (shows as UK at home and US at work)? If so it's annoying. Anyone know the answer?


  1. Yes. Yes! Bowling shirts, then we would be truely leet.

  2. You aren't using or something queer like that?