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Friday 23 May 2003

Raven Shield map pack 2 [lurks]

Right, there's a new map pack out for Raven Shield. It's much the same as the old one only the maps are updated and there's a few new ones. Vitally some maps are updated to support Terrorist Hunt which is what we play co-op with the added bonus of Team Speak hilarity.
Sadly the map pack is a little oversold. Half of them still don't support T-Hunt, this time just crashing RS out when you try them. Also much of the new maps are so amateur that it hurts. Still, there's a couple of really tasty looking ones. I've got maybe half a dozen maps in rotation for tonights bash. From that I guess it'll be apparent if any of them are worth mixing up with the standard maps for sessions later on.
Planetside arrives tomorrow so tonight may be the last RS session for awhile from me and by extension the last time I can be arsed running the server. So come get some bitches!

1 comment:

  1. Right well, no one turned up and Planetside will arrive today so I guess that's it for Raven Shield!