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Friday 2 May 2003

Breed [beej]

There's a trailer out for Breed and ex-cuuuuuuuse me if it doesn't look ace for a PC game! Reminds me of Halo and Incoming, with a dash of Dropship too.
It certainly looks promising; an Aliens-style APC with a couple of gun turrets, plenty of stuff to blow up (buildings! trees!), and miniguns that would make Jesse Ventura wet himself :-)
Fingers crossed that the forthcoming demo goes the distance!


  1. dead link here beej

  2. Works here. Looks damn tasty. Looks like Planetside with ... better graphics and proper guns.

  3. Doing enough breeding at present thanks. Wallet wouldn't take another wean! :)
    Looks damn fine though, well done soldier.

  4. Yup, extremely wank worthy - but here's the rub; are ALL the vehicles only drivable via 3rd person? seems to be the way (see the HUDs?) in the movie..

  5. Seems more likely that was just a choice to show things off in the game.