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Tuesday 20 May 2003

Blueyonder 2Mb? [lurks]

It seems that Telewest are launching the 2Mb/s service after the recent short trial. The thing is, it's £50 a month and the upstream is the same 256k as the 1Mb/s service. So I wont be taking them up on this. Not the least because their transparent web proxies are so appalling that I may as well be on ISDN some nights.
Sure the pings are zero, FTP, news, P2P (Bittorrent etc) are lightning fast and I'm sure they'd be twice as fast on the 2Mb/s service but then my line is sat around not being used lots of the time anyway so it's no big deal to me just to let the downloads go for longer. It's certainly not worth an additional tenner a month.
On the other hand, I'm seriously constrained on the upstream. Had they raised that, I would have been in like a shot. As it is, as soon as there's a reasonably priced ADSL offering about I'll be off Blueyounder quick as a flash. If only to get away from the pathetic webcache.
The current situation is just ridiculous, nearly 10:1 ratio of down to up! It's a major pain in the ass for working from home (sending files to clients etc) and for hosting a games server for your chums etc. If you're prepared to pay 50 quid a month, I reckon you're doing this sort of thing and a bit more upstream is what you'd want.
No, stuff this. I wont be upgrading. It's stupid, they could just introduce a bandwidth limit and increase those rates for when they were needed. That would suit me more and send a cap into the ass of the P2P kiddies leaving Kazaa on 24/7.
Ironically, my web browsing is actually slower than it was on ADSL at half the downstream speed. That because my last ADSL provider didn't use braindead badly performing transparent web caches. Blueyonder does. When it works, it's superb because cable bursts to insane speeds before it's choked. However most nights web sites snail along. What is the bloody point of flogging people broadband and then fucking it all up at the last minute with this shoddy webcache crap?
I'm puzzled why high-speed broadband in this country seems to mean just downstream. Does it say that somewhere?


  1. same over here but cheaper, its quite clearly a weapon against fileservers. the uni ninjanets are beginning to ban Dc and all other p2p stuff. you share stuff and you get disconned, for good. there were some figures floating around that about 90% of their traffic was pornmpg´s and mp3´s. now thats something that keeps my heart warm when i pay my taxes...bredbandsbolaget (broadband company) in sweden just announced that there will be 10mb (both ways) availabale in stockholm in july for 26£ a month. it will spread over sweden during fall. vdsl. suffah island bitches :]

  2. That is obscene. End of comment.