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Monday 12 May 2003

The rugby shirts... sint hier ja! [brit]

Mmmm, look what I found in the post this morning:
Goodies! and even a close up shot of the goodies' logo - came out remarkably clearly ja?
Expect onward dissemination to you 'orrible lot shortly.
All together now.... 'Werthers Original; tasty, delicious, and uncommonly good'.


  1. Marvellous... AFAIK I still haven't paid you, mainly due to the fact that this blog comment will be the FIFTH time I ask you how much wonga you want for my end of the deal - hell, I can't even remember if I asked for anything beyond a shirt. Congrats on getting them done, now gimme a price!

  2. AFAIK blogs are the only way the clan maintains any semblance of contact with our most communist of members; presumably because it's the closest we come to open forum and discussion by committee in a truly public place :)
    5th? tsk. IF you look through your mail, you'll find I told you how much they were ages ago - alas, due to Northerner's embedded system of bartering as opposed to fiscal unit exchange, I'm not so sure it's going to work out...

  3. Now, as far as I remember I ordered one via your webby thing in the flavour of 'Big Top/Marque' size. Can you confirm this or deny it!I never sent you any money though, for obvious reasons.

  4. You've got an XL Pete

  5. Good grief. Are the planets in conjunction? Extreme l33tness alert.What have I got dear boy?Ooh and what was the name of the company that did them in the end? Itwas mentioned in the other blog but I turned up no useable URL. A linkwould be helpful. I have an insane idea that needs skilled execution :).. More merchandise!

  6. nice one brit...what now? Want my home address?

  7. Wow :) Need my snail addy?

  8. Think Brits going to send yours to me for re-distribution. I hope my postman is up to it :)
    Still, new shirts in time for EED's manx TT romp, woot!

  9. w00t! Well done Britster.