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Monday 12 May 2003

The Louis Letter [lurks]

I've been meaning to do this for years, literally years. Finally I got around to it, I scanned in the priceless Louis Letter. The most hilarious letter I got from an American madman when I worked at CU Amiga. I've put up a little site. Enjoy. :)


  1. That is quite possibly one of the most bizzare things I have ever seen. Presumably this was written in his candle lit basement, whose walls were decorated with pages from CU Amiga cross referenced & pasted together with pages from the Old Testament?

  2. I get the feeling the guy was 'hearing voices' when he wrote that ... what a loon.

  3. Madness, literally. Andrew Korn has a load of other letters which he's kept. He's offered them up so I can expand that to do a more comprehensive site. Just working out if I can be arsed or not :)

  4. Bloke mentions Windows 3.1. Now that's bona fide madness......