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Monday 5 May 2003

Elite Force 2 demo [lurks]

Hey, remember Elite Torches? That Quake 3 engine game based on Star Trek where basically every gun was the same but just shone a different colour of 'light' thinggy? Well, a demo just came out of the sequel. I was bored so I thought what the hell, leeched and had a play. It's not that bad!
It's still the Quake 3 engine but after various other manky half-working engines, it's quite nice to return to something swish and fast like old faithful. It's also quite comforting being able to bang your keys in and get up and running in seconds because you've done it all before. It is very familiar too because, err, it's just yet another FPS where you run around with guns solving 'puzzles'.
Hang on, but I said it wasn't that bad didn't I. It isn't! The guns are waftier than before even though the ones you get still do no damage and everything has to be shot for ages before it dies. You muck about with the tricorder to get information on stuff and I even had to reroute some power with a little puzzle thing which involved rotating pipe tiles to get the power back on.
The demo basically just throws things at you wave after wave every time you do something. Open door, wall breaks and another ten aliens to kill. Health and power rechargers are on walls. It's all really quite the same as before, the featureless corridors (FFS!) that they decided to show off in the demo are an odd choice. Yet for all that, the aliens are a little more challenging than you'd expect and theres some really nice modelled aliens to talk with as the story moves along.
Worth a leech if you fancy something a bit different. Presumably the game will just appear out of nowhere as well at some point. Might be fun to play a bit more of a Quake-style game online for a bit assuming that there's some interesting weapons this time around.


  1. The old one was quite fun in a quake-with-lasers sort of way. Plus in mutiplayer you got to kill that Neelix cunt0r :) I feel a voltfest coming on...

  2. Hmm, maybe on the full one but I can't see anyone buying it really. Plenty of slackers wouldn't even buy RS.