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Wednesday 21 May 2003

EED's leet insults [muz]

Having been inspired by teh Lurker's vitriol regarding Fileplanet's misrepresentation, I have decided to start a blog listing the leet insults in use by EED.
Firstly, the phrase that inspired this blog: 'FARTSCROTE TURDBAGS'. As mentioned above, this phrase was coined by Lurker after he was stupid enough to believe that fileplanet would actually provide a UK mirror for paying customers. Oh well, shit happens.
Next, cunthook. The origins of this insult are lost in the mists of time (or in the alcohol-induced fog that seems to permeate my memory), but I have a vague recollection that this term was coined by resident Manxlord Slim after having been told repeatedly on UKGamer that he was a fucking tool and completely wrong. What he was wrong about I can't remember, but it's not really important.
And finally, the daddy of all insults, as immortalised by His Beerness Amnesia in blog 368 - 'fucktard'. Allegedly first uttered by the interstellar mass that is Mugwum, it has become the favourite putdown in cross-hatch EED. Its etymology is not difficult to grasp, except perhaps to those best described by the word itself. 'fucking retard' => 'fucktard'.


  1. I'm quite fond of 'STUDENT JIZZGARGLERS' too. I'm a little disappointed you culled the CUNTHOOK off the front of the above. OK it wasn't original but every good insult stands on the foundations of insults that have gone before. I thought CUNTHOOK was just such a foundation before I began to innovate.Ahh, there's the danger of blogging onto a blog when the author is such a slow typer. :)Concerning 'fucktard', it's an odd one. It was coined a good deal before it fell into common use. The reason for this, I believe, was because Beej and Mugs used to go 'retard' a lot and this was a little tiring.When Mugs vanished (itself, something of a cosmic miracle) retard started come back into fashion and then 'fucktard' happened at the right place at the right time. It's also fairly common in the US. Indeed my beta account character in Planetside was 'phuqtard'. :)

  2. There are in fact only 5,000 odd entries for fucktard on google whichis shit low. However the link that it threw up is just fucking extraordinary. Here,is every insult ever invented by man. This site needs a knighthood.I commend it to you as possibly the best link evah.....

  3. And without further ado...
    rebot urban fucktard
    fucktard ('fuk-tard'): Contraction of Fuck and Retard You are such an Ass-Ramming Fucktard.


  4. Cool! Oh the possibilities - The 'rebot insult' function linked to arandom insult on there 'rebot insult x' returns 'x you are a total /utter / complete / screaming ' :)))Ahh ye olde html bracket exclusion. I mean that rebot would say 'X youare a total (etc) randomurbaninsult'

  5. 'Lurks: I'm quite fond of 'STUDENT JIZZGARGLERS' too.'
    Hey, who isn't?