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Monday 26 May 2003

Breed SP Demo [spiny]

Snagged this from fileplanet today & given it a quick blast.
First impressions:
  1. The training mode is quite cute, based on a hoodeck type environment.
  2. The sound appears very weak at first. Things improve if you up the effects volume & quieten down the music.
  3. The music is like a second rate tangerine dream album
  4. The voice acting is hammy & poor dialogue
  5. The 'feel' of the game isn't very solid.
  6. View bob is actually used to good effect, stopping you sniping on the run etc. Probably one of the best implementations I've come across & more effective that the expanding reticule on movement methods.
  7. Graphics are nice with plenty of particle effects
  8. Physics look OK. (Although not in comparison to HL2) With Breed aliens being knocked back by your bullets
  9. Runs at a decent lick, seems a decent enough engine.
  10. Mission start is delivery by dropship, including using fixed guns & jumping out the back of the ship. Nice.
  11. I've no idea how this compares to halo as I don't have an xbox - someone else give it a go & report back


  1. Interesting stuff there. What's it like subjectively though, does it look like it could rock or not?

  2. Looks it's going to be down to the mission design as to whether it r0x0rs or s0x0rs odds are 50/50 atm. It looks very much like unreal 2, but that played like quake 2. Haven't had the chance at handling a vehicle yet, that could be good judging by the dropship at the start. Multiplayer with vehicles could be fun.

  3. Right I've given this a blast and I'll say they need the extra codingtime. It's one of those games where you look at it and think that allthe necessary is present and correct more or less for a beta (although theatrocious voice acting is so bad you'd think they'd sort it). Butactually, playing the sp mish, it's very very murky. We're talkingbrown-fest world. Brown and green sludge. I was half expecting tofind a Romerian frog or two. This makes picking out the nme hard andwhen you do the very low framerate makes for poor encounters.
    Must try harder for release.

  4. NME!!!! you fag :-)