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Wednesday 21 May 2003

No Mercy [spiny]

I spent yesterday evening trying out a mod for Battlefield 1942 from Merciless Creations. 'Merciless 1942' comes as a heaving 250Mb download plus several tens of gigs of optional texture packs. What does it do then? I hear you cry.
For one thing M1942, greatly improves the audio experience of your '42 battles. The vanilla 1942 game contains something like 24 different sounds, with M1942 you get over 200. They range from new sound effects for the weapons (The sniper rifles now emit a much more satisfying crack) to pain sounds for soldiers. The sounds are of very high quality & immerse you in the heat of battle better. Visual stuff is catered for too. You now have proper clouds of debris being thrown in the air when shells hit loose ground, flame effects for the unfortunate recipients of and anti tank round, improvements to the game GUI & pretty good blood effects when pumping Jerry full of lead.
My last map of the evening was Berlin, 16 vs 16 and I can say that M1942 significantly enhanced the gameplay of 1942. If I had to choose one word to sum up the battle, it would be that it felt much more 'brutal' than with vanilla 1942. Definitely got the adrenaline pumping at a rate of knots. Well worth the download, even for ISDN pe0ns like me :)


  1. Oh yeah - url. Hopefully not broken :)

  2. Yes but... does it suck?